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About us


Let’s start from the beginning shall we? Our names are Kaitlyn & Louis and we are a husband and wife duo team who began our journey together back in 2011. After a couple of years together we both decided that we wanted to purchase our first home together, so after lots of research and a lot of persuading from me (Kaitlyn) we decided we were going to build our first home. As all new home builds go you always miss things and as we didn’t come with any furniture we soon found ourselves trying to find entertainment units to fit our niches, which weren’t standard sizing. This became difficult so Louis thought he would give it a crack and try and make his own. I was very skeptical but remained positive and encouraged him to give it a go, and boy did he deliver! It was exactly what I had in mind and it look like we had just bought it from a store. This is where his love for timber started, before we knew it I had two entertainment units and 2 handmade vanities in my parents lounge room waiting for our house to be finished. (Thanks mum and dad!) 

We moved into our new home, and our love for home decorating and design grew so much so we started making items to fill it.  I had the brilliant idea for Louis to make Blackbutt Timber Shelves to match our entertainment unit to which he thankfully mis-measured one shelf which resulted in our first every Bath Caddy. This is when Essie Living was born. 

We created our first website and started selling our handmade creations, fast forward 4 years we have since built two homes, sold them both, currently renovating our third home and getting ready to start our third build. All whilst working full time, getting married, opening our first Bricks and Mortar shop and growing our small online shop to what it is today. 

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